You are MASTER of the game called LIFE!

You are MASTER of the game called LIFE!

Lise Bourbeau author

Not yet published in English

  • Are you among those who believe in coincidences, in chance or bad luck?
  • Are you attracted by games or cards that contain messages?
  • Are you the kind of people who claim that life is a game?
  • And if life was a game, would you take risks? Would you be a winner or a good loser and learn from your experience?

So many questions that bring an undeniable sense of synchronicity in our lives. Indeed, any form of coincidence, luck or bad luck contains many important messages for us.

This book is an innovative concept of the original Listen to your body card game. A pleasant process and easy to apply in everyday life to help you become aware of the signals sent to you.

You will find that whatever the circumstance or how you play the game of your life, you are still the Master.

This set of cards in book form also includes a chapter written by Lise Bourbeau on chance, coincidence and synchronicity.


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